Macaron vs Macaroon

It is discouraging to invest time and effort into your work only to have your message overshadowed by text errors and typos. Quite often, the last review is bypassed when a publishing deadline is looming. You may be struggling between incurring costs for a professional proofreader versus settling for the results of an online spell-checking and grammar tool.

Let's take a look at an example.

The Story

Suppose you are the proud owner of a new bakery selling homemade, colourful French cookies called macarons. A representative from a local cooking publication approaches you about conducting an interview. Excited about the publicity, you meet with the representative and prepare a short article. Two days before both your bakery and the article go live, you receive an email from the magazine with a copy of the final article for your review. You take a quick look at the email but are interrupted by a call from your shop about an electrical issue. The article goes to print as-is.

It is opening day for your bakery. Customers mix with family members eagerly discussing all the colourful sweet treats. Some customers inquire about coconut macaroons. You patiently explain the difference between your round light, sandwich-style cookie and the more dense coconut mound treats found elsewhere. Some customers leave empty-handed, having arrived expecting the coconut treats. Mid-morning, one of the customers returns with a copy of the recent cooking magazine in their hands. There is your article, front and centre, talking about your exquisite, delectable French macaroons!


To most of us, the above scenario wouldn't seem like a big deal - they are only cookies, right? However, think about this small business and the investment made in their product. They are proud of this unique business and rely on sales. No spelling or grammar checking tool could have caught the misprint of macaroon versus the correct term macaron. However, a proofreader familiar with the subject would catch the error.

Quality Counts. I can proof it!