Happy National Librarian's Day! April 16, 2022


Have you thanked a Librarian lately?

If you haven't frequented a library lately - and I know it has been difficult with pandemic restrictions - you are missing opportunities to delve into the wonders of books, movies, audiobooks and much more. In a smaller community, the library is a virtual hub of activity.

Over the past 6 weeks, while volunteering at the Lakefield Library, I have watched our Librarian, Kacie Gardiner. create exciting new themed book displays, rework the shelving space to make the area more open and accessible, and oversee the construction of the new MakerSpace room. Kacie is fully invested in the success of the library, ensuring all 30+ volunteer staff are aware of anything new or any changes to the environment.

The days of the dim, dusty, hauntingly-quiet library environment are gone though the intent is still for the library to provide a well-stocked, relatively quiet place for those attending. Librarians today require public relations, organization and effective communication skills beyond their degree in Library Sciences. They are constantly finding creative ways to provide their community access to a variety of materials and promote diversity.

Be sure to drop into your local library and thank the Librarian for their dedication to sharing knowledge!

Library - Township of Selwyn (selwyntownship.ca)