A Bit of Elfish Fantasy

This whimsical story is filled with adventure, magic, friendship, betrayal and coming of age, as the tale of a young teen and his friends take you on a wild ride to another world! Nathanial never fit in on Earth, and for a good reason. Nathanial is an elf, and his true home is Culmare, to which he must soon return, or he may never see his father again.

As the journey unfolds, Nathanial will discover the world he is from, who he truly is, and the magic within him. He is Nathanial Sevle, son of one of the most powerful elves on Culmare. With help from friends both new and old, both human and elf, Nathanial will discover his purpose is much greater than he ever imagined. The adventure uncovers mystical lands, creatures, and danger, for Nathanial, Gnal, Dani, Orin, and many more outstanding characters. You will join the gang on an emotional journey that will leave you laughing, gasping, and crying until the end. The magical world of Culmare will leave you wanting more.

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May 12, 2022

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