IziMarkPublishing©: A New Era Canadian Publisher with an International Presence

Earlier this year, I received a call looking for Suzy from the SuzySharpEyes© editing company as listed with Editor's Canada. The caller liked the name of my company and was looking for an editor for a series of travel books. Four months later, there is a standard outline for the IziMarkPublishing© Time to Travel Series books, the content volume has increased by 50%, and the series Style Sheet has been developed for consistency. IziMarkPublishing enthusiastically promotes authors from around the world. Click here for more...


10/23/20221 min read

Who is IziMarkPublishing?

Founder Mark Tycroft is passionate about publishing, especially material that promotes new female authors from around the world. IziMarkPublishing© does not charge its authors for services upfront, preferring to absorb those costs and remove the financial roadblock from the writers. Writers must provide a sample of their work for an initial quality review, complete a video or telephone interview, and sign a contract before joining the energetic author team.

IziMarkPublishing© provides all the services required to make an author's dream book a reality, including:

  • Cover Design

  • Editing and Proofreading Services

  • Document control and version management

  • Author Interviews (for book promotion)

  • eBook formatting

  • Paperback formatting

  • Marketing and Distribution

  • Individual Author Sales Reports

  • Ongoing Q&A support for Authors & Writers

  • Annual Author awards

  • Industry-leading technology integration in most publishing steps

Currently, IziMarkPublishing© is focused on marketing the company’s Time To Travel Series©. The first eBook edition of Time To Travel To Croatia, authored by Iva Babic, debuted on Amazon in September at #1 in multiple categories. Books from over 40 countries, all written by local Authors, will be released over the next 2-3 months. Canadian and US content is being divided into cities, regions, and provinces/states in order to capture the wealth of travel information available in these countries.

For more information and to pre-order the Time To Travel book for your next adventure, go to www.izimarkpublishing.com. Don’t forget to join the mailing list for news about release dates.